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    Mike Weir

    BEMER Group’s Fitness Recovery Technology is Ideal for Athletic Performance and Everyday Stress Relief

    Luxury Wealth Magazine featured BEMER's recovery technology, popular among athletes, physical therapists, and sports physicians. "With recovery and injury prevention more popular than ever before, companies like BEMER are transforming this ever-changing industry."

    Luxury Travel Magazine
    New York Weekly

    How BEMER Group’s FDA-Approved Technology Propels Post-Workout Recovery to New Heights

    NY Weekly recently featured BEMER as "renowned for its industry-disrupting and FDA Class II cleared muscle stimulation technology." BEMER benefits highlighted included "enhanced post-workout performance and muscle recovery to athletes, physical therapists and sports physicians from around the world for more than two decades."

    New York Weekly
    Haute Living

    BEMER Group Takes Exercise to New Levels of Efficacy with FDA-Cleared Technology

    During the pandemic, health and wellness continue to trend upward for consumers. Haute Living has hailed BEMER as a "revolutionary PEMF technology [that] can help elevate individual fitness regimens to new levels of potency" and can help with "boosting the home workout to new levels of safety and efficiency."

    Haute Living
    Team BEMER

    Team BEMER Wins Bicycle Race Across America

    Social Cycling featured Team BEMER's record-breaking win in Race Across America (RAAM). Social cycling highlighted BEMER as a tool for Olympic competitors and cyclists to keep their bodies in peak physical condition and perform their best.

    SoCal Cycling
    Mike Weir

    BEMER Group’s Fitness Recovery Technology is Ideal for Athletic Performance and Everyday Stress Relief

    Wealth Magazine hailed BEMER as a pioneer in the industry with "its easy-to-use, non-invasive product-line designed to stimulate muscles and enhance blood and oxygen flow in just two eight-minute sessions per day."

    Wealth Magazine
    LA Weekly

    How BEMER Group’s Market-Disrupting Technology is Driving Athletic Performance & Recovery by Improving Circulation

    BEMER was featured in LA Weekly as a market-disrupting technology. LA Weekly highlighted the importance of circulation when it comes to preventing injury, maximizing performance, and speeding up recovery.

    LA Weekly

    Bike Race Across America Starts in Oceanside

    There San Diego features BEMER's sponsorship of an 8-man cyclist race team for the Race Across America (RAAM), kicking off in Oceanside, California on Jun 18, 2022. Team BEMER will be using BEMER throughout the race for muscle conditioning and recovery. In 2018, Team BEMER was able to achieve a new record time with regular BEMER use during the race.

    There San Diego
    Daily Mom

    22 Incredible Ideas of Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

    The Daily Mom highlights BEMER Starter-set and Deluxe-Set as top gifts for fathers on Father's Day, whether they may be an athlete or have aging concerns.

    Daily Mom
    Mike Weir

    BEMER Group’s Fitness Recovery Technology is Ideal for Athletic Performance and Everyday Stress Relief

    Just Luxe recently featured BEMER as one of the most innovative recovery technologies. Learn why recovery is essential and read the article "BEMER Group’s Fitness Recovery Technology is Ideal for Athletic Performance and Everyday Stress Relief".

    Just Luxe
    Brooke Burke

    January 7, 2022

    Fitness Influencer Brooke Burke Shares Her Tips, Tricks, and Favorite Self-Care Products For the New Year - January 4, 2022

    Brooke Burke offers insight into some of the products that she plans on using even more in 2022 to help her keep up with her active lifestyle. One product that Brooke recommends is the BEMER PEMF machine. BEMER technology uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to help stimulate muscles and increase local blood flow, this is vital for overall health.

    Brooke Burke

    January 4, 2022

    Brooke Burke Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets - January 4, 2022

    Fitness and TV Personality Brooke Burke reveals her secrets to staying active and young. She emphatically promotes her BEMER PEMF pad which helps increase blood flow in her muscles and stimulates the muscles for more optimal performance on and off screen.

    Sports Illustrated

    December 29, 2021

    Brooke Burke Shows Her Anti-aging Tips to Kick off the New Year Feeling

    Brooke Burke shares her secrets to staying young and active with some helpful tips. One of the things that Brooke believes in is rest and recovery from an extensive workout and that’s why she chooses BEMER PEMF therapy to increase local blood circulation. She uses her BEMER pad for 8-minute sessions, twice a day. She compares her BEMER mad to a phone charger for the body.

    Read More

    December 4, 2021

    65 Celebrity Gift Ideas That’ll Be a Hit With Your Crew

    TV Personality Brooke Burke endorses BEMER’s PEMF devices that help stimulate muscles and temporarily increase local blood circulation.

    Read More

    November 2021

    Brooke Burke’s Ayahuasca Adventures

    The “Hollywood Raw” podcast interviewed Former TV Host and Fitness Guru Brooke Burke on her life in TV, challenges that arise from the pandemic, her fitness lifestyle including using BEMER PEMF Therapy to refresh and relax her body after an intense workout. She also plays a fun game of 20 questions with the hosts. Listen to the full interview from Brooke and learn more about why she chooses to continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle at 50.

    Listen Here

    November 2021

    Episode 99: Brooke Burke

    Adam Mendler’s podcast “Thirty Minute Mentors” invited TV Host and Fitness Entrepreneur Brooke Burke on the show to promote her fitness regimen and how she has been able to stay healthy and active throughout the pandemic. Brooke discusses her daily workout tips which includes using her BEMER PEMF Therapy mat that allows her to feel more centered and healthier throughout her day.

    Listen Here

    October 2021

    How to Gain Distance Off the Tee (Without Changing Your Swing)

    Professional Golfer Mike Weir gives his tips for success on the green. These tips include: tee higher, hit the gym, working on mobility and flexibility, relax and recover, and recovering with BEMER PEMF Therapy. Weir talks about how adding BEMER PEMF treatment to your swing will improve nearly every aspect of their game. The rise in circulation due to the BEMER device will enhance nutrients and oxygen delivery to the muscles and help remove cellular waste faster. Read more on why Mike Weir chooses BEMER PEMF Therapy to better his game.

    Listen Here

    October 2021

    ENDLESS HUSTLE, EP. 105: Singer/songwriter Andy Grammer, Brooke Burke, and Kelly from Merf’s Condiments

    The “ENDLESS HUSTLE” podcast welcomes Singer/Songwriter Andy Grammar, Model and TV Host Brooke Burke, and Kelly the Owner and Operator of Merf’s Condiments. In this episode of the podcast BEMER Ambassador Brooke Burke talks about staying fit as she begins her 50’s. The current fitness apps and programs that she uses for her daily routine including her BEMER PEMF Therapy machine that helps regulate local blood circulation and gives her the rest and relaxation her body needs after a much needed workout session. This podcast touches more about her life and how she has no plans in slowing down anytime soon.

    Listen Here
    brooke b&w

    September 26, 2021

    Brooke Burke Stays Fit at 50 Thanks to BEMER

    Brooke Burke makes 50 look 25! In this article Brooke breaks down the 12 healthy habits responsible for keeping her looking young, including a tip about two eight-minute sessions of PEMF therapy from BEMER to improve circulation. Read more about the other tips that Brooke shares to getting the perfect summer beach body by reading this article from Celeb Well.

    Brooke Burke Stays Fit at 50 Thanks to BEMER
    med tech news

    August 23, 2021

    Med-Tech News

    Med-Tech News shares the latest innovations and news in the medical technology field. In this article, they cover the release of the new BEMER Go-Edition, a PEMF device set that provides users the flexibility to take their pulsed electromagnetic field therapy unit with them wherever they want to use it. They share how the FDA cleared device has been shown to increase blood flow, circulation, and overall health.

    Med-Tech News – August 23, 2021
    Recent News 1

    September 21, 2021

    BEMER launches new Home-Edition for improved blood flow

    BEMER introduces a new Home-Edition product that is used to enhance muscle conditioning for a better performance and recovery. There are many physical discomforts that are directly related to poor blood circulation. Improved blood flow enhances nutrient and oxygen delivery to the muscles. Read more in this article from Med-Tech News about what this “Home-Edition” BEMER product has to offer. – September 21, 2021
    Recent news 2

    September 20, 2021

    BEMER — PEMF Therapy Now On the Go

    Take a look at the features that the “new” BEMER Go-Edition portable set has to offer. These features include B.SPOT and B.PAD applicators deliver a patented signal to targeted areas of the body to increase blood flow. Also, included in this set is a Custom Backpack that has pockets for all the Go-Edition accessories (including a medical device tag). Take a look at all of the features that the BEMER Go set includes. – September 20, 2021
    BEMER Logo

    September 20, 2021

    BEMER Launches “Home-Edition” Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Product

    BEMER Group has launched their new Home-Edition product to help improve blood flow, sleep, preparedness, and relaxation at home. The full-body applicator, the B.BODY is used to help regulate and increase blood flow so you can live an optimized lifestyle. With over two decades of research BEMER has developed into one of the leading PEMF therapy machines. All it takes it two sessions of 8 minutes a day to get the blood flow that your body not only needs, but deserves. Read more about this new Home-Edition product from Oside News. – September 20, 2021
    Image Source: fizkes / Getty Images

    August 28, 2021

    What is BEMER Therapy?

    Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) is a subtype of PEMF therapy. It works with microcirculation in the muscles to help stimulate blood circulation for a better recovery. BEMER has been known to improve organ blood flow and nutrient supply. BEMER offers a wide range of products and services so that you can get the optimum strength and conditioning that your body requires. Learn more about why BEMER can help you by reading this article from – August 28, 2021
    Recent News 6

    August 24, 2021

    The Secret to a Multi-Faceted Life with BEMER

    In the newest episode of “I’ve Got a Secret” with Robin McGraw, Actress and Host Brooke Burke talks about self-care in a balanced life. Part of her self-care includes BEMER which uses pulsed electronic magnetic field therapy to circulate better blood flow within the muscles. Listen to the entire podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

    Listen to "I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw" – August 24, 2021
    Image Source: INSTARImages; Courtesy of Brooke Burke/Instagram

    August 23, 2021

    Brooke Burke on Morning Honey: Living Her Healthiest Life Including BEMER Go

    Brooke Burke is featured in Morning Honey, speaking about her lifestyle and how her healthy routines help her stay in shape. Brooke Burke says she “works out to ensure that I am living the healthiest, happiest life I possibly can”. “We only get one body,” Brooke continues, citing her routines to get exercise, eat right, and use wellness tools like BEMER, which she uses for eight minutes a day. Brooke says “I have been doing it for years, I authentically use the product, but what it really does is improve blood circulation and the overall well-being [of your body]”. She goes on to discuss the ease of having the BEMER Go edition to take on the road with her. – August 23, 2021
    Recent event 8

    August 18th, 2021

    Brooke Burke Discusses Body Confidence and Her BEMER

    Brooke Burke teaches her kids the importance of body confidence and using fitness and health to get more confident. Brooke has told them that it is “important for [their] overall well-being.” Brooke keeps up a healthy active life-style with the help of some equipment at home. One of those essential pieces of equipment is her BEMER GO PEMF therapy machine. This machine helps her have better circulation for a more optimal workout performance. Find out more about what activities Brooke does to stay physically active and her message to her kids here in this Closer exclusive article. – August 18th, 2021
    Image Souce: Times of San Diego

    August 23, 2021

    Southeastern San Diego Business Accelerator Seeks New Applicants

    The Southeastern San Diego Business Accelerator program holds classes to mentor local businesses about trends and startup procedures. One of the companies partnered for this annual event is BEMER USA a subsidiary of BEMER International. BEMER has introduced consumer medical devices that improve health and well-being for users on the go or at home. BEMER machines use Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to improve microcirculation in the muscles to enhance performance and improve recovery. Read more about this program and BEMER’s part in it.

    Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation in Southeastern San Diego – August 23, 2021

    July 23, 2021

    BEMER Ambassador – Mike Weir – Canada’s Golf GOAT Getting His Career Back in Gear

    Mike Weir speaks to Forbes about his career including his exceptional season with 20 straight cuts and winning the Insperity Invitational at the Woodlands Country Club. The Canadian PGA star discusses how using BEMER PEMF devices on his muscles helped his recovery from a sports injury. “I started noticing the benefits after the first week and so I kept it going and I incorporate it every day. The program I do in the morning is to ramp up, not only my body, but I also put it around my head to get the blood flowing in the brain and then also in the evening to wind down,” Weir says. Find out more about Weir’s amazing professional golf comeback and his use of BEMER as a part of his recovery routine when you read the article on Forbes.

    Forbes – July 23, 2021
    BEMER Logo

    July 15, 2021

    BEMER Group Resolves Dispute with Centropix

    SAN DIEGO – BEMER Group, LLC is pleased to announce that it has successfully resolved its dispute with its former distributors, George Gasich and Youcef Benloucif and their new venture Centropix USA, LLC.  In April 2021, BEMER filed suit against Gasich, Benloucif and Centropix after becoming aware that they were engaging in unlawful cross-recruitment and competition. In the lawsuit, BEMER quickly secured a temporary restraining order from the Court, preventing the former distributors from breaching their non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. Pursuant to the settlement, the Court has entered a permanent federal injunction, restraining Gasich, Benloucif, and Centropix from recruiting and/or enrolling current, and certain former, BEMER distributors until April 22, 2022. The injunction also limits the products that Centropix can market in the United States and the statements that Centropix can make in marketing its products. The result marks an important achievement in protecting BEMER’s confidential information and the businesses of BEMER’s independent distributors. BEMER is committed now and in the future to continue to take all necessary steps to protect its and its distributors’ business. Contact for any questions regarding this lawsuit or the outcome.

    PR Newswire – July 15, 2021

    BEMER USA LLC is a leader in the field of microcirculation. BEMER Group North America, 1902 Wright Place, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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